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Be part of the Women in Geospatial+ speakers database and find your next women+ speakers!

Why a speaker database?

In 2019, nearly two-thirds of overall event speakers around the world were male. The same pattern is reflected at geospatial conferences and events. We lack diversity in the composition of geospatial conference speakers and this is what we aim to change with this speaker database.

We want to see more people of underrepresented gender backgrounds sharing their expertise on stage. With more diverse speakers at geospatial conferences and events, the geospatial field will benefit through their wide ranging perspectives, skills and talent.

The common excuse of conference or event organisers is that they were unable to find any women+ speakers. In reality it is often the case that systemic challenges make it difficult for women to become speakers, especially if organisers have implicit biases that they are not aware of.

We want to encourage the industry to step up for diversity and bridge the gap by providing a the WiG+ speaker database. It is aimed at people from underrepresented gender backgrounds and for conference and events organisers alike. The speaker profiles will be made available in an easy-to-navigate and searchable database, which will make it easier for geospatial conference organisers to invite more women+ speakers.

Increasing the number of women+ speakers to geospatial conferences and events is just a first, but essential step.

Who do we mean with ‘people from underrepresented gender backgrounds’?

The speaker database is not only for women, but for all people from underrepresented gender backgrounds, including cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people and people who are otherwise marginalized. For this group, we use the terms ‘people from underrepresented gender backgrounds’ or ‘women+’.

Should I sign up? Yes, you should!

Whether you are a seasoned conference and event speaker or a novice, we all have great pieces of work, experiences or advice we can share. A diverse community drives innovation and all ideas and perspectives count.

If you’ve always wanted to speak at a conference or are doing great things which you want to share, then sign-up today!

The speaker database is a chance to gather great talent and it is your chance to show your availability as a speaker, to talk about the great things you do and have done (big or small) and to contribute to make geospatial conferences and events more diverse.

It is your: register, speak up and embrace change!

How does it work?

The Women in Geospatial+ speaker database will be launched in two phases:

  • Phase 1 - Registration (April to July 2020): Women and underrepresented genders are invited to register and create a speaker profile. During this period, only registrations will be open, but one cannot search yet for speakers. This is because we want to build a significant cohort of speakers from a variety of geospatial fields before event organisers can search the database.

  • Phase 2 - Launch (July 2020): The full speaker database will be launched and publicised. Geospatial conference and event organisers will be invited to search the database for their next women+ speakers!

What can I do if I see an abusive/wrong profile?

Send us an email to wigspeakers@gmail.com and we will evaluate it and remove it if considered abusive. You can also reach us if you encounter any technical issue with the database.

Some advice for creating your speakers profile

Only your name and email are mandatory fields in the database as this is required to create your account. All other profile information is optional. You can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.

However, bear in mind that conference organisers usually have a very specific idea on who they would like as a speaker with regards to areas of expertise, or software used etc. The more details you provide and the more you tailor your profile to you and your expertise, the more likely conference organisers might see you as a good fit and get in touch with you.

Register NOW!

Speak up and embrace change!