Career Mentorship

In October 2019, Women in Geospatial+ launched a career mentorship programme to bring people together who want to grow and develop professional skills for a geospatial career. The first cohort consisted of 42 participants from 17 countries in 16 peer mentorship groups or mentor and mentee pairs.

Following a successful first cohort, we opened our mentorship programme for a second round with increased capacity and improved support and resources, and are now supporting over 100 participants from 32 countries in 30 peer groups or mentorship pairs.


The Programme offers two types of mentorship: one-to-one mentoring and group based peer mentorship.

Group mentoring is organised by a group facilitator; this person is a peer mentor with additional responsibilities for organising the group (e.g. by arranging meetings).

Programme participants are selected based on their level of interest and commitment, as demonstrated through their application. We aim to match mentors and mentees based on areas of expertise, the skills and knowledge they wish to develop, and other practical considerations, such as grouping people in similar time zones to facilitate communication.

There is no cost to apply or participate in the Programme.

All are welcome

We welcome people of all backgrounds and genders to participate in the WiG+ Mentorship Programme. All who identify as women or are from underrepresented genders are welcome to apply to be peer mentors, mentors or mentees. This includes cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people and those who are otherwise marginalized.

All who identify as cis men are welcome to apply to be mentors.

Active members of the Women in Geospatial+ Slack community qualify for "bonus points" when being considered as an applicant to the Programme.

For more information, register for the WiG+ Slack, and visit our Mentorship sub-channel.

Please note: Only underrepresented genders may join the Slack channel.


If you are selected for the Mentorship Programme, you should expect to commit to:

  • Regular meetings with your mentor or mentee – once a month at the minimum

  • Involvement with the whole cohort, including contributing to Slack discussions on the Mentorship channel and attending cohort video calls

  • To leave a legacy to support other geospatial women+. For example, by completing a project of your choosing or recording a video testimonial.

  • Actively participate in the Programme until its end in July 2022

How to apply

Applications for our 2021-22 cohort have now closed.

Please check back in September 2022 for our next cohort.

Timeline for Mentorship Cohort 3

      • 30 August 2021: Applications open

      • 19 September 2021: Applications close

      • 4 October 2021: Mentorship matches announced

      • October to July 2022: Mentorship Programme underway

      • 17 July 2022: Mentorship Programme concludes