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There are several ways you can participate in and benefit from the Women in Geospatial+ network.

Remember: A network thrives on the commitment, engagement and dedication of its members.

You will benefit the most from Women in Geospatial+ if you get actively involved in one of the following ways:

Be an active Community Member

Join the Women in Geospatial+ Slack channel and / or mailing list.

Become active by sharing opportunities and events, or ask for advice or help. Post your ideas in one of the working group channels and help us grow a strong community.

Be a community builder and shaper

Help us to bring the Women in Geospatial+ community together.

You can organise informal Women in Geospatial+ events during conferences and events that you are going to. For more details, get in touch!

Be a 'Women in Geospatial' advocate

Join today, and you can be a 'Women in Geospatial+' ambassador and advocate. It’s that simple.

Simply talk about Women in Geospatial+ and how you benefit from it with colleagues and geospatial friends both offline and online via Twitter & LinkedIn.

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