Webinar series

Boost your career with our webinar series on

'Career development and raising your public profile'

Past Webinars

Wed, 8 September | 2 pm BST /
9 am EST


  • Learn how to make impact by writing articles and blog posts in the geospatial field

  • Panelists: Anusuya Datta, Jasmine Fleming, Rhian French, Gavin Schrock

  • Moderated by Petra Millarova

Duration: 1 hr | members-only

Wed, 5 May | 4pm BST /
5pm CEST


  • Learn how to boost your personal and professional impact when pitching, presenting and communicating

  • Speaker: Dr Vanessa Collingridge (author and broadcaster)

  • Moderated by Helen Cooper

Duration: 1.5 hr

Thu, 8 April | 4pm BST


  • Tips and advice on how to progress in your geospatial career and foster professional confidence

  • Speaker: Thierry Gregorius (True Horizon Coaching)

  • Moderated by Julia Wagemann

Duration: 1 hr

Thu, 25 February | 4pm GMT / 5pm CET


  • Tips and advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome

  • Speaker: Isabella Convertini (what3words)

  • Moderated by Rohini Swaminathan & Sarah Temilade Adekola

Duration: 1 hr

16 December | 4pm GMT / 5pm CET


  • Get top expert advice to boost your public speaking skills

  • Speaker: Monica Swiderska (Toastmasters International Public Speaking Trainer)

  • Moderated by Alina Vizireanu

Duration: 1.5 hr

19 November | 4pm GMT / 5pm CET


  • Get top expert advice to boost your professional branding on LinkedIn

  • Speaker: Cyhana Lena Williams (LinkedIn Coach and Program Manager at Microsoft)

  • Moderated by Rohini Swaminathan

Duration: 1.5 hr

07 October | 4pm BST / 5pm CEST


  • Get top expert advice to create a CV that stands out!

  • PR expert Sarah Webb from my http://mycvmentor.co.uk/ will talk you through her top tips

  • A chance to put your questions to Sarah at the end

Duration: 1hr

12 September | 4pm BST / 5pm CEST


  • An introduction to each mentorship programme

  • Experiences from mentors from 2019's cohort

  • A chance to put your questions to the panel

Duration: 1hr

8 September | 4pm GMT / 5pm CEST


  • Sarah Lewin | EsriUK

  • Helen Cooper | Map it Out

  • Shaz Qamar | EsriUK

  • Kristin Warry | Retired

Chairs: Olivia Powell, Sarah Saint-Ruth Duration: 1hr

27 August | 4pm GMT / 5pm CEST


  • Abbie Pearce | Aecom

  • Flora Tilley | Sustrans

  • Alicia Vaz | EsriUK

  • Tanya Tejassvi | Independant

Chairs: Olivia Powell, Katie Hall Duration: 1hr30

8 July | 4pm CEST

Confirmed speakers

  • Denise McKenzie | Benchmark Initiative

  • Steven Ramage | Group on Earth Observations

  • Rohini Swaminathan | UNICEF

  • Esther Moore | Sambus Geospatial Limited

Chairs: Abigail Page, Alina Vizireanu

1 July | 4pm CEST


  • Aida Montfort Muriach | GEOTEC

  • Elizabeth McCullagh | 500 Women Scientists

  • Dr. Rachael Murray | Queensland University of Technology

  • Marie Hemingway | Jacobs and Women's Infrastructure Network

  • Todd Barr | AIR Worldwide and co-organiser of 'The Mappyist Hour' podcast

Chair: Julia Wagemann